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Many parents just want a structured plan that details exactly what their teenager should be doing each month of their junior and senior year. We have it. It’s called the College Prep MAP. This guide for parents provides a Monthly Activity Plan (MAP) with 4-weeks of step-by-step instructions.

The 4 Essentials of Junior Year is the latest College Prep MAP.  Four weekly plans teach parents exactly how to help their junior complete these four college planning activities in 30 days.

    1. Find the right colleges
    2. Find the right scholarships
    3. Organize all application materials and requirements
    4. Improve your SAT/ACT scores

Parents use a simple 3-step system of Review, Discuss and Monitor to guide their teenager through the program. Here’s how parents use the Review, Discuss, and Monitor system.

Using The Junior Year Parent Guide

Step 1 - Review

Read the College Prep MAP on Sunday and learn what will be accomplished. Each weekly plan includes a “Weekly Goals,” “Top Priorities” and specific instructions for completing all activities. The structure and organization of each CP-MAP is designed to help your teen stay focused and get the activities completed.

Step 2 - Discuss

Discuss the weekly plan with your teenager and make sure the activities are clear. Also, make sure that your teenager has the time and resources to complete all activities. Lastly, let your teenager know that you’ll be checking that the activities have been completed on Saturday.

Step 3 - Monitor

Track your teenager's progress at the end of every week. The work your teenager has completed toward their “Weekly Goals” makes it easy to monitor their progress. Talking with your teen about what they’ve accomplished during the week will help them stay on-track and keep you informed.

Currently Available

4 Essentials of Junior Year

Guide your teenager to completion of these essential college planning activities before junior year end.

  1. Find the right colleges
  2. Find the right scholarships
  3. Organize all application materials and requirements
  4. Improve your SAT/ACT scores.
This 30-day program includes 4-weekly plans.

SNEAK PEAK: March's edition of the Junior Year Parent Guide

Front Page  (p. 1)

Gives parents an organized snap-shot of the week’s work.

Body of the Guide (pp. 2-10)

Detailed instructions for each task that week.  Here are just some of the college planning activities that your teenager will complete before the first day of senior year:

  • Search for scholarships
  • Evaluate and compare your target college’s cost and value
  • Evaluate and compare your target college’s ability to prepare you for specific careers
  • Plan SAT/ACT study & practice
  • Determine a list of colleges to apply to
  • Identify summer opportunities at target colleges
  • Explore career opportunities with alumni at target colleges
  • and more….

What You Get


Expert Guidance

Know exactly what needs to be done and when. The College Prep MAP gives you the “big picture” and the “details” of what will matter most for your teenager’s best application for admission and scholarships. Make informed decisions about where to focus your energy and save time.

Monthly Plan

Organize what needs to be done every month with step-by-step instructions. Specific activities are explained for the 11th grade year and the summer months leading up to the first day of senior year. There is no guess work when you have a monthly plan.


Stay aware of the progress your teenager is making with their college planning. In particular, know if they’re on-track or falling behind. Two progress monitoring tools help you know how much progress your teen is making each month. Both tools are simple and allow for clear communication of what has and has not been completed.

Coming Soon

Rising Senior - Summer Guide

3-Monthly Plans (June, July and August). Complete all college planning activities and organize application requirements by the first day of senior year.


First 30 Days of Senior Year

4-Weekly Plans. Get back on track by completing the essential college planning activities and be ready to submit applications in the October of senior year.



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