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The Black Alumni Bridge gives college and high school students the special ingredient that is “Black Knowledge” so they can dream big and achieve their career goals. Founded in 2021, we are showcasing the “Impact Stories” of Black professionals that reveal the greatest impact on their success and the opportunities they have had to impact others. “Impact Stories” are the new way to inspire our youth toward  professional success.

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See How it Works

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Dr. Rudy Jackson

I help parents navigate the challenging college admission and scholarship process at Top 100 colleges. Specializing in the development of personal Success Traits that win competitions for college admission and scholarships, employment and job promotion.

20+ years of experience designing learning experiences for teenagers and young adults that build their college and career readiness.

● Top 100 College Planning and Preparation
● Admission and Scholarship Strategy
● Measuring College Value and Return On Investment (ROI)
● Essential Skill Development
● College Readiness, Retention, Progression and Graduation
● Career Exploration and Engagement
● Classroom & Co-curricular Learning
● Critical Thinking, Active Learning, and Applied Learning Environments