Is This Your Teenager?

Not A Great Writer

Writing is not your teenager's strength. Don't let it keep your teen from gaining admission to their top college.

Need Scholarships

The quality of your teenager's essays may determine if they win or lose the scholarship money they need.

No Test Scores

Without test scores, your teenager needs strong personal interest responses to be competitive for admission & scholarships.

CODE Writing Method

In this 2-hour course your teenager will learn how to...

Lesson 1.  Think Like A Committee Member

Admission and scholarship committee members read hundreds of applications and while most are good, very few are great.  Most students make two mistakes that keep their personal interest responses from being great.  Your teenager will learn what these mistakes are and how to avoid them.

Lesson 2.  Strategically Choose Personal Interest Questions

Your teenager will learn how to evaluate the eight (8) personal interest questions and choose the four (4) personal interest questions that will give them the best chance to showcase their uniqueness.

Lesson 3.  Showcase Their IQ  (Intangible Qualities)

Your teenager will learn how to demonstrate what is unique and special about them and why committee members should choose them over other applicants. Your teenager will learn the nine (9) Intangible Qualities that colleges want to see in personal interest responses and how to showcase them in their responses.

Lesson 4.  Write A Great Personal Interest (PI) Response In 48 hours

Your teenager will learn a simple 4-step process for organizing and structuring their PI Responses. Dr. Jackson’s 80-20 Rule will be used to format each PI Response and infuse the student’s Intangible Qualities.  This 4-step process will help your teenager get started and finished in 48 hours.

Lesson 5.  Ensure A Great Personal Interest (PI) Response

Your teenager will learn how to evaluate each PI Response and determine if it is Good or Great.  Your teenager will be taught how to use the Personal Interest Checklist to identify the areas that need improvement.  If parents want to help in this process, the Personal Interest Checklist will allow parents to give constructive feedback about each response in two (2) minutes.

Lesson 6.  Modify The Scholarship Personal Interest (PI) Response

There are three important differences between a winning PI Response for college admission and scholarships.  Your teenager will learn what these differences are and strategies that create winning PI Responses for scholarship competitions. 

DATE:  November 21st

TIME:  3pm-5pm (PST)




Dr. Rudy Jackson

I help parents navigate the challenging college admission and scholarship process at Top 100 colleges. Specializing in the development of personal Success Traits that win competitions for college admission and scholarships, employment and job promotion.

20+ years of experience designing learning experiences for teenagers and young adults that build their college and career readiness.

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