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4 Week Admission & Scholarship Plan

Structure:  Three Step Process

Step 1 - Review

Read the weekly activity plan on Sunday and learn what will be accomplished. Each weekly plan includes a set of “Tasks” and specific instructions for completing all activities. The structure and organization of each weekly plan is designed to help your teen stay focused and get the activities completed.

Step 2 - Discuss

Discuss the weekly plan with your teenager and make sure the activities are clear. Also, make sure that your teenager has the time and resources to complete all activities. Lastly, let your teenager know that you’ll be checking that the activities have been completed on Saturday.

Step 3 - Monitor

Track your teenager's progress at the end of every week. The work your teenager has completed toward their “Weekly Goals” makes it easy to monitor their progress. Talking with your teen about what they’ve accomplished during the week will help them stay on-track and keep you informed.

Organization:  Weekly Instructions

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  • A clear plan of action each week.

  • The structure your teen needs to complete their best applications.

  • Peace of mind of having to ask my teen if things are done.

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